Ecto Transactions

It has been a couple of months since I wrote something and was about phoenix and bootstrap. Today I’m going to talk about elixir, ecto and how to manage transactions Well in this post we are going to skip ecto setup (if for some way, it was need it, please leave a comment and I will make a post for it, but I think his documentation makes a fairly good example for it) [Read More]
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Add complete bootstrap to Phoenix

It has been a while since I make a post and this is my first post in English so be gentle with me :P Since a couple of months I been working in a language called elixir and with his web framework phoenix, I have had a lot of fun with these elements. But sometimes I been struggling with configurations that should be easy maybe I don’t read that carefully or maybe I’m a knucklehead, but whatever the reasone is, I hope this configuration works for you and give you a little help of how configure your Javascripts third parties for your Phoenix application. [Read More]